Sustainable Nutrition Fits A Healthy Lifestyle


Sustainable Nutrition Fits A Healthy Lifestyle

What is a “Diet”…. The term is described in the dictionary as, “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” This doesn’t seem all that bad, right? Unfortunately, the term “Diet” has received many negative connotations over the years and when you hear the word “Diet” you immediately think “restrictions”….

Honestly, now a days, most people think Diet and think short term “30-day fix” but after the 30-days they return to their old ways of eating and then wonder how and why they gained all the weight back and then some!

We could turn this into how and what are you eating… but let’s focus more on the aspect of long term, sustainable nutrition. A “Way of eating” that can both fuel you, help you maintain a healthy body composition, health for the long term and only restricts the crappy foods that have no nutritional value at all!

Coach / Co-Owner Corian Yandel was recently interviewed by the Kenosha News, who were doing an article in this very topic. The story can be found here. Read the article to learn more!

Also, don’t forget that Coach Corian will be hosting a FREE Sustainable Nutrition seminar open to the public on August 21st at 6:30pm. You can RSVP by e-mailing her at [email protected] or getting your free ticket on our event page. Only 30 spots available!