OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 34: “PPFF Upcoming Gymnastics Clinic”

This week, Corian and Rachel are joined by Coach Dave to discuss the upcoming Gymnastics Clinic. The clinic is scheduled for October 24th and will focus on everything handstands - from handstand push ups to handstand walking! There is a perception that athletes (both male and female) need to look a certain way in order to perform at the optimal level. Additionally, they must all do the same thing to achieve their nutrition and performance goals. Corian, Rachel, and Ellen are here to tell you it's FALSE. Having a healthy relationship with food is the most important step towards reaching your athletic goals and there are multiple ways to get there!

OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 32: “Have the discussions. They are necessary.”

As it always seems lately, there is a lot happening in the world and our community. Corian and Rachel sit down this week, not to discuss the current events, but to talk about how we can move forward as a society. They talk about how necessary it is to have open discussions and find understanding - even if you don't agree with someone. Corian and Rachel, sit down this week to recap all that is going on in their lives and how they stay on top of it all.

Hello September!

This week we discuss some of the issues facing our members; being grateful for what we have or are presented with AND breaking the negative habit loops that prevent us from doing what we know is right, or what we want to be doing.

Leaky Gut Syndrome with Dr. Peterman

On last episode, we discussed 2 common stress induced and often mis diagnosed issues: Leaky gut and Adrenal fatigue. We primarily discussed Adrenal Fatigue on the last episode, so this week, we sat down with Dr. Heather Peterman again to discuss "Leaky Gut" syndrome and what the signs and symptoms show.

Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Peterman

On this week's episode, Coach Corian and Coach Dave sit down with Dr. Peterman to discuss Adrenal Fatigue and the effects of stress on the body. It is a very common issue that is often misdiagnosed and it can show up in smaller doses before it hits big!
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