The 2019 Intramural Open


The 2019 Intramural Open


For our noobies out there, the CrossFit Open consists of 5 workouts spread across 5 weeks that aim to find the fittest people in the world. Last year over 429,000 people participated in the Open.

I know many of you will ask yourself, “Why should I do the Open? There’s no way I’m the fittest in the world.” For 99.99% of us, that is true and that’s why we are running the Intramural Open!

In the Intramural Open, you’ll have the ability to contribute to a team every single week no matter your score. Go above and beyond in your spirit or performance and you can contribute even more. Most importantly, it’ll be the highlight of fun and community in our gym.

So what exactly is the Intramural Open?

This is our 2nd year, and it is meant to just be fun with friends!

It all starts with you registering for our Intramural Open. We will appoint 4 HPCF Ambassador members to go around the gym recruiting and collecting names of gym members who want to partake.

On February 14th, 1 week before the Open begins, we will have our first amazing event…Draft Night! This is where teams and athletes find their match. Now don’t worry about being last pick – we have a fun way of doing it and it does not involve picking someone last based on skill.

While the draft is awesome, the real fun begins post draft night… The weekly Challenges!

Once teams are set and workouts begin, it’s quite simple. You earn a point for your team by simply doing the workout and submitting your score.

If your team brings the most “spirit” in any given week then your team receives 5 extra points for that week.

Spirit will be determined by your costumes (yes, each week has a theme!) and the most creative in the weekly challenge – This will be voted on in the HPCF member page so get creative and make sure you do them correctly! As you can see, you’ll receive points just for doing the workouts and entering your score and doing the challenges with your team! It’s simple! We’ve made this much more simple than last year.

The team with the MOST team points at the end of the Intramural Open will have their name added to the Official HPCF Trophy! The Trophy will be housed at the gym of the winning team’s choosing!

Recruiting period

Starting today, we have assigned 4 team Captains per location:

Kenosha: Ed Mathein, Amy Rendon, Kristine Schmaling & Jodie Musselman

Racine: Holly Berry, Jeana Monroe, Maren McNeil & Nicole Scanlon

Your Team Captains will now start to “Recruit” you to sign up for the intramural open for the coming weeks. On the weekend of February 14th, we will host a “Draft night” (you do not need to be present – this will be just the captains, but we will go LIVE on FB to announce it)

Oh… and did we mention that the location (Kenosha or Racine) that has the most people signed up and participating in the Intramural Open will host Week’s 1, 3 & 5 of the Friday Night Lights! Captains, this is on you to help spread the word!

Folks, it’s totally normal to be a little nervous. But then again, you were all super nervous the first time you walked through our doors and you know how well that worked out. So make the leap, trust in us, and get ready for an amazing time! Let’s do this!

When is Draft night?

We will be holding the draft with the team Captains on the weekend of February 14th! There is NO need for you to be there, only captains will need to be present and we will air the draft live in the member group!

Themes & Challenges:

Week 1:

  • Theme: Superheros
  • Challenge: Perform a group handstand or mannequin challenge in public with as many members of your team as you can (No minimum or maximum)
    • Post the photo/video to YOUR social page tagging @Peak Performance Fitness Facility 
    • Use hashtags in your post: #Healthy #Happy #Community #CrossFitopen2019 #HPCFTeamchallenge2019

Week 2: 

  • Theme: Beach / Hawaiian Luioa
  • Challenge: Challenge someone in public to do 10 burpees

Week 3: 

  • Theme: Decades/Throwback to the 60/70/80 or 90s
  • Challenge: Flash dance or flash mob workout in a public place with as many members of your team you can (No minimum or maximum)
    • Post the photo to YOUR social page tagging @Peak Performance Fitness Facility 
    • Use hashtags in your post: #Healthy #Happy #Community #CrossFitopen2019 #HPCFTeamchallenge2019

Week 4: 

  • Theme: St Paddy’s (Wear GREEN)
  • Challenge: Worth 2 points this week (1 Point for either challenge option. Do both, get 2 points. Do 1, get 1 point): Give us a review on Social media / Google – OR – Attend the St. Paddy’s Day Pipes N Drums event and get a group picture with your team in all green!
    • Post the photo to YOUR social page tagging @Peak Performance Fitness Facility 
    • Use hashtags in your post: #Healthy #Happy #Community #CrossFitopen2019 #HPCFTeamchallenge2019

Week 5:

  • Theme: ‘Merica (yep. Y’all know what to do!)
  • Challenge: Post a selfie with your team or gym bestie with the gym logo in the background and tell the world why you love us!
    • Must post to your social media page (Not the private member page)
      • Post the photo to YOUR social page tagging @Peak Performance Fitness Facility 
      • Use hashtags in your post: #Healthy #Happy #Community #CrossFitopen2019 #HPCFTeamchallenge2019

How to submit scores:

This year, we will be using Google forms. Your team captain will be responsible for submitting your team’s scores each week to me!

What do you win?

Your team gets the pride of hosting the official HPCF trophy at your gym for the next year! Oh, and we will probably give out some cool prizes each week too! 🙂