The Anchored Podcast Ep. 058: How To Stay On Track For The Summer


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 058: How To Stay On Track For The Summer

This week on the Anchored Podcast, the team discuss some of the consistency pitfalls when it comes to our health and wellness journey.

Every year, we all see it… The Holidays are finally over and the New Year begins! “Now that it’s a fresh year, this will be the time I get on track!” We’ve all said it. But why then, do we begin to fall off? Why do we lose some of that inner fire that was present just a few short months ago?

The answer is habits. Bad habits are easy to fall in to. We are creatures of habit and we like routines… The problem is, we like easy routines! It’s easy to sit down on the couch and flip on the TV. It’s easy to go through the drive thru for that meal. It’s easy and convenient! A deadly combo!

So then, how do we break the bad habit loop? The answer is pretty simple: Have a plan. If you plan out your day, your week, your meals, you workouts. You will be more prone to keeping them.

A plan is great, but then there is the execution portion of that plan! Bring your gym bag in your car so you know you’ll go straight to the gym from work, instead of stopping home first, and oh, what’s that? You’ll just sit down for a minute? Oh wait, you missed that class you meant to go to? You’ll hit the next one? …Oh, now you’re tired and hungry? See what we mean? Have a plan, then execute that plan is the key to consistency.

This week’s podcast episode we are giving you some tips and tricks on how to stay committed to your health, fitness and nutrition goals especially as the weather starts to turn warmer, and that means; Friends, BBQs, get togethers and parties… You can still enjoy those things, but we will help you plan how to win on both fronts!