The Anchored Podcast Ep. 059: Yo-Yo Dieting


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 059: Yo-Yo Dieting

This week on the Anchored Podcast, the team discuss yo-yo dieting.

The weather is starting to warm up, and what is on everyone’s mind? Summer! With the warmer months approaching, many of us start down the path of food deprivation, or drastic “dieting” to get into bikini or bathing suit shape. Then, once summer is over, we go back to the way we ate before, we put on some weight over the winter and then it’s back at it again before the following summer…. but why is it so much harder next year? Why did we pack on more weight than last  year? ugh….

We call this, “Yo-Yo dieting” because it’s the constant up and down… and it also sends your hormones and your body into a tailspin!

So, why do we enter this negative habit loop? Why is it so difficult to break the mold? Why can’t we just learn to eat and fuel our bodies properly all year long for long term health? The truth is, we CAN!

The team discuss what yo-yo dieting is, how we’ve come to think that this is the norm as a society, and give you some ideas and tips to hopefully break your negative habit loop.