The Anchored Podcast Ep. 061: Training With A Purpose


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 061: Training With A Purpose


00:00-01:17 Intro and ice breakers

01:17-0700 mindset on training; setting your daily intention

07:00 – 16:27 workout tracks; performance, fitness, wellness

16:27 – 30:30  PRs & tracking

Today on the show, we are discussing ‘Training With A Purpose’. Specifically, how to define what you need or want out of your workout routine. If you don’t have your “Why” or a reason behind your training, then sometimes you can get lost.

Over time, these goals may morph, or change… For the summer it may be about losing some weight and packing on some muscle. In the winter, maybe you want to start training for a competition. These are all fine, and they can change… but if we don’t know our why, then sometimes we can become lost.

If you know your purpose, then you have a better understanding of what you want to get out of the workouts. Do you just want to live  a long healthy lifestyle? Then maybe all you need to worry about, is just showing up and moving for the entire 60:00 class. If your goal is to get to the CrossFit Games, then you’ll need to put in more work outside of just classes.

Having clear concise goals helps guide us and we discuss “Training with a purpose” on this week’s show!

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