The Anchored Podcast Ep. 072: Member Of The Month Lynn Paulke Interview


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 072: Member Of The Month Lynn Paulke Interview

This week we sit down with long standing member, and current member of the month, Lynn Paulke to discuss her current CrossFit and Health & Wellness Journey.

Lynn chats with us about how and why she started, some of the difficulties and set backs she had in the beginning, as well as some of the accomplishments she’s been able to achieve during her tenure.

Lynn also chats with us about her future goals she has for herself! All this and more, on this week’s podcast.


Title: Member Interview Lynn Paulke Member of the Month

00:00 03:50 Who is Lynn

03:50 – 06:30 Lynn’s journey 

06:30 – 10:00 What motivates you?

10:00 – 10:52 Significant accomplishments?

10:52 – 14:11 What got you to start HPCF? 

14:11 – 19:18 Anything that you can share with people about your experience with HPCF? 

19:18 – 22:12 – Book Club & Ambassador

22:12 – What’s next for lynn?

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