The Anchored Podcast Ep. 16: The HPCF Journey


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 16: The HPCF Journey

This week we are celebrating our 4th year anniversary. With that being said, we found it appropriate to take a trip in the time machine to bring back Ep. 16 which discusses the HPCF Journey; how and why we started the gym.

This is one of our longest episodes to date, but from all of the 69 episodes we have released, this episode remains our most popular. Come give it a listen, we bet you’ll learn a thing or two that you probably didn’t know about us, or the gym!

Thank you all for making these past 4 years amazing and memorable! HINT: If you’re joining us next week for the 4-year party scavenger hunt, you may want to brush up a little on your HPCF knowledge and history!

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