The Anchored Podcast Ep. 77: Mobility – Its’ purpose & Can We Do Too Much?


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 77: Mobility – Its’ purpose & Can We Do Too Much?

A few weeks back, we asked for listeners to submit questions to us for topics we can answer on the show. This topic came from one of our listeners asking about Mobility. Most specifically, what is it and can he do too much?

Mobility is a broad term, but is used in the CrossFit and weightlifting world to describe range of motion (ROM) around a specific joint.

We use the term “Mobility” as a term that is best described as “stretching” or bringing that ROM back to a specific joint.

To answer the second question: “Can we do too much?” The answer here is dependent on the specific person. For some of us, we are described as ‘hyper-mobile’. This means, that this person is too mobile in a specific joint and there really is no end ROM. Think of this person as a sort of Stretch Armstrong, or Gumby. No amount of stretching ever really helps since they can stretch their specific joint past the normal end range. Therefor, for this person, mobility and stretching could be too much. For this specific person, we need more stability and strengthening drills around the joints.


Title: Mobility. Its’ Purpose. & Can We Do Too much?

00:00 – 03:48 Intros & Ice Breakers

03:48 – 16:38 what is mobility; recovery & improve ROM

16:38 – 24:30 can we do too much mobility?

24:30 – 30:00 What are some actionable steps someone can do now?


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