The Anchored Podcast Ep. 78 Member Interview: Bryant Banks


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 78 Member Interview: Bryant Banks

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Current Member of the Month, Bryant Banks to chat about his journey with CrossFit.

Bryant shares with us that he had been diagnosed with diabetes and needed to do something to improve his health. Bryant said he didn’t want to just go to any-ole gym because it didn’t interest him. He then shares that he saw a photo on Facebook from a friend lifting weights so he inquired about it and she told him about Peak Performance Fitness Facility. Bryant signed up for his consultation the very next day!

Bryant says that over the past 6-months, he has lost about 20lbs, and his doctors are so impressed with his health markers that they told him, “Don’t stop! Keep doing what you’re doing cuz it’s working!”

Bryant now has a big goal to lose another 20lbs by his next birthday! Listen to Bryant’s story

Show Notes:

Title: Interview with Member of the Month: Bryant Banks 

00:00 – 01:36 Intros

01:36 – 03:19 Who is Bryant Banks?

03:19 – 05:50 why did you start CF?

05:50 – 10:44 How Bryant’s Health is improving & How He has done it!

10:44 – 11:33 Any major accomplishments? “Losing weight and still coming consistently”   

11:33 – 14:10  what keeps you coming back? 

14:10 – 18:22 What’s next for Bryant Banks?

18:22 – 19:22 What’s Bryant’s Favorite movement? Deadlifts and Back squats 

19:22 – What is the CF Open?

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