The Anchored Podcast Ep. 79: The Progress Curve


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 79: The Progress Curve

Ever wonder why when you start an exercise regime, or a new program, that every day seems to be a new personal best. Each day get’s better and better and then you level off?

This is something that Coach Jason calls the “Progress Curve” which, if you can imagine a hickey stick, in the beginning, you’re learning the movements or what to do; which is the blade part of the stick. Then, once you kind of figure things out, your progress begins to shoot up rapidly and you’re seeing progress quickly; like the handle.

Coach Dave describes the curve like a staircase, because as you ascend, each person will hit a level in which they level off, then an adjustment is made, which helps them climb a little further and so on, and so forth.

Having massive progress and then leveling off is normal. Most professional olympic lifters practice every single day on their lifts. If they PR 1-2lbs in a year then this is progress! Progress comes in all shapes and sizes and you need to embrace it for what it is and recognize that your vision of a particular movement is still progress.

We as Coaches hear it daily, “I don’t have pull ups.” When in reality, you do… You may not have a kipping pull up like Froening, or Coach Dustin, but your version could be banded, negatives or even jumping and it’s still a pull up! Embrace what you have and be grateful for what you have daily. Once you can view your workouts in this light, everything else seems to fall in place!


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Title: The progress curve

00:00 – 03:52 ice breakers   Intros

03:52 – 09:55 The progress curve, what is it.

09:55 – 13:17 how to define your goals to see the progress curve

13:17 – 16:30 mobility / nutrition on the progress curve

16:30 – 19:01 the progress curve like a staircase 

19:01 – 24: wrapping up the progress curve