The Anchored Podcast Ep. 81: Understanding Rules & Regulations At competitions & Why They Exist


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 81: Understanding Rules & Regulations At competitions & Why They Exist

Ever go to a local CrossFit Competition and learn that a movement standard is different than one you had been practicing, or why rules change from year to year?

After the CrossFit Open 20.3 workout was announced, the CF world was in a tizzy over the HSPU (handstand Push Up) standards because it was a difficult standard to hit and not many CrossFit Athletes actually practiced this way… This standard was first announced with 18.4 and cost a few bigger name Athletes a spot at the CrossFit Games. To make matters worse, the following year, in 2019, CrossFit had a different standard from the year previous…. Now, in 20.3, the old standard was brought back and with it, a very upset community over the standard.

The truth is, this is a retest workout, and to retest a workout, you must keep all variables the same to determine if you actually did get better.

But why do standards even exist anyways? In this episode, we explore this question and delve a little deeper into understanding that as CrossFitters we need to be prepared for the ‘Unknown & Unknowable”.


Title: Understanding Rules & Regulations At competitions & why they exist

00:00 – 04:00: intros & ice breakers

04:00 – 06:22: Why are we chatting about this topic; 18.4 & 20.3 of the CF Open

06:22 – 18:12: Breaking it down: Daily workouts vs competition training

Daily: Safety, Progressing, learning and improving on skills

Competitive: Showcase all the training you’ve been doing. Not generally a time when you hit a PR. 

18:12 – 24:21: Mindset for training and competing; owning it

24:21 – 27:47 How to improve upon standards of competition

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