The Domino Effect


The Domino Effect


“The Domino”


Life is full of hurdles and obstacles. We all face them. Some are even taller, larger and more obtuse than others. Some seem daunting and non-attainable….


You see, our goals are just hurdles and obstacles in our way to success…. However, I prefer to look at them like dominos.


Setting daily goals is important because every time you complete a goal, it causes a domino effect.


For example:


I tell many clients to set a daily goal. Something small, something attainable. The goal doesn’t have to be large, or out of this world, it can be something simple that is easy to accomplish. It can be as easy as “Eat breakfast today.” Or; “Wake up before 7am.” Or; “Workout today”.


Like I said earlier, goals are like dominos – Once you knock one over, it can cause a chain reaction that can set everything else in motion. One small domino can start a chain reaction to knock over larger and larger dominos – One small goal can set you up to achieve even more success!


See, you don’t have to set all the goals at once – This can lead to discouragement because maybe you didn’t achieve all of them. Instead, set small, simple daily goals for yourself. Then, celebrate those minor victories and be happy for yourself! The next day, set a little bigger goal, and the next, and the next. The dominos will fall and you will feel more accomplished!


Knock over as many small dominos as you can, because doing so will start a chain reaction you can ride all the way to success!


Coach Dave

  • Coach Dave Yandel