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Peak Performance CrossFit

Our standard CrossFit class is where all the magic happens. Our proprietary programming offers the same benefits to brand new beginners and savvy veterans alike. We incorporate strength and conditioning principals in a manner that is sure to keep you guessing and hungry for more. Whether your goals are to lose 30 pounds or to compete at The CrossFit Games, our program is for you.




We believe that our program and classes are for everyone. We are diverse. Simply put, anyone can walk through our doors, regardless of fitness experience; previous gymnast, weightlifter, or someone with no fitness experience, can join our classes. Yes, our Coaches are that good! 

We accomplish this by utilizing our ‘Tracks’ system. Each class, we program different levels of the class workout to help and aid people in choosing the correct scales/modifications based on their ability levels.

Then, our outstanding Coaching staff will lead every session from the group warm-up; to our practice session; Then, we finish with the workout of the day.


CrossFit Teens

Our newest program that started in 2019 is CrossFit Teens!

CrossFit Teens emphasizes good movement in and functional fitness in our teen population. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for teens. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

Our current program works with teens as young as 11 years old to the age of 17 years old.


Remote Programming

Whether you’re new to fitness, CrossFit or a serious athlete looking to hone your skills, at Peak Performance Fitness Facility we have the tools to help you succeed.

Our remote programming and experienced Coaches can help clients of all fitness levels. A Normal gym is limited by a physical location. Not us! While we do have a physical location with all our awesome equipment, that is not where our value is.

Our value is our Coaching! The professional relationship you get with a coach who mentors you and guides you towards health and fitness. That is not limited by physical walls. We can help you right from your own home with whatever equipment you may or may not have.Our expert coaches are the best in the area. We are here to help you thrive. Helping guide people to health, in the gym or out, is what we do.

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Injury & Mobility Program

Have you been injured or have a specific limitation that could prevent you from participating at full extent? No problem! Coach Dave has developed our injury modification program to help anyone with any specific injury or limitation! Don’t think a sling or a walking boot will keep you from the gym! We have a modification for anything! 

Coach Dave also works remotely with athletes who are dealing with nagging injuries, mobility concerns, or range of motion restrictions. Click the button below to complete the mobility and range of motion questionnaire, it’s FREE!  

Injury Assessment


Nutrition & Health Coaching

We recognize that when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, fitness is only 20% of the puzzle. The other 80% comes from our nutrition, sleep and daily habits. The most common question we hear from clients is, “Where do I begin?” 

If you’re ready to take your nutrition and health to the next level, then our very own Coach Corian can help. Coach Corian is the founder of the ‘OWN your life method’. 

Coach Corian aims to help clients learn about their nutrition in a healthy way, by explaining the relationship that food plays in our health. This is not a ‘Diet’. Instead, this is a nutrition program designed to teach clients about the importance of real food and how our nutrition plays a vital role in how we feel, perform, heal and sleep!

Coach Corian provides nutrition coaching for anyone looking to dial in their health & wellness by using accountability. 

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Personal Training

Looking for a more intimate coaching experience? Our specialty is group CrossFit classes, but we recognize that come of our clients prefer the 1-on-1 attention that personal training can give. We even offer clients the opportunity to purchase a personal training session to supplement their CrossFit classes. Most of our personaly training clients work 1-on-1 with us for a specific training goal, while others just like to work 1-on-1 with a trainer. Whatever your choice is, we can customize our training program to you.


Quarterly Goals Sessions

We know everyone has their own unique goals. This may be weight loss, nutrition guidance, or even progressions to get their first pull-up! Whatever the case, we offer every client FREE quarterly goals sessions with a coach. These goals sessions are centered around the client where they can get direct access to a Coach who can help steer them on the correct path to achieve their specific individualized goals. Goal sessions also include measurements and photos so clients can see their progress! – A Goal without a plan, is just a wish…


Chiropractor & Physical Therapy

We recognize that health & wellness encompasses the entire gamut, and is more than just exercise and eating right… although important! We believe that in order to truly be healthy, we must take care of our bodies from inside, outside and from top to bottom.

This is why Peak Performance Fitness Facility has teamed up with Drs of Physical Therapy Kenosha, Bedogne Chiropractors of Kenosha and Daniel’s Chiropractors of Racine in order to provide our clients the opportunity to work with specialist in their field of care!

We also utilize these resources to develop our injury protocol.



Pilates instructor Sherry Wirth runs 3-4 mat pilates classes per week. Mat Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders. Pilates classes are free to our members, and included as part of your membership. We also offer Pilates only membership options to non-members. Classes are offered throughout the week with several different class times to choose from.



Sure, foam rollers and ice packs can help recovery, but a regular sports massage may help take your fitness to the next level.

Sports massage is used for a number of different reasons, but it is especially effective in aiding recovery, improving mobility, and treating and preventing injury. This makes it a perfect tool within professional sports to help improve individual performance.

CrossFit is a sport that demands….

What Is Your Goal?

Weight Loss & Toning

Our classes are designed to help you reach whatever aesthetic, performance, or health related goals you may have. If you’re interested in weight loss and toning, you’ll love our group classes with the option to also work with our trainers 1-on-1 (upon request). You’ll learn to fuel your body for your day-to-day demands while challenging your body in a safe way under the guidance of our certified (experienced) trainers. Kick start your weight loss in safe supportive group environment.

How to lose Weight and Feel better

Strength and Muscle Gain / Athletic Performance

We offer a variety programming which also includes Olympic lifting and powerlifting elements. These will challenge you and help you become a stronger both mentally and physically. We also offer individual times to allow you time to work on your own primary, accessory or athlete sport specific programming.

Strength Training Tips

Health and Longevity / Look Good, Feel Good

If health and longevity and just over all looking and feeling good are your top priorities, we got you! Our staff of experienced trainers are ready to help develop a fitness routine that will help you thrive to look and feel your best both in and out of the gym. Our programming is designed to help you get the body you want today, but in a safe way that will allow you to continue to maintain a high level of physical fitness 10, 20, 30+ years down the road!

50 & Over Fitness

If you’re older or looking to get back into working out after a long hiatus, you’re in good hands with our team. Our intro classes will help you learn the basics and our staff is always happy to help you find options to scale movements up and down based on ability limitations. We’ll make sure you always get a safe and fun workout, regardless of where you are starting.

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