Why are we Fat, Sick and Full of Disease?


Why are we Fat, Sick and Full of Disease?

Why are we Fat, Sick & Full of Disease?

I get asked this question a lot and when I explain the answers, it amazes me to learn just how manipulated and under educated we are as Americans to the current food epidemic…

So why are we fat, sick and full disease?

It seems, every year we are shown some new research that the obesity epidemic just keeps getting worse and worse. Each year more Americans die from Cancer, Heart Disease, and diabetes than any other death statistic combined! Gun deaths, although tragic, cause riots and protests to ban guns and to have more gun control…. in 2017, according the FBI statistics, there were 17,284 murders in America. Although this seams like a high number, this is actually a decrease from the year prior by almost 1%.

Now, this is not a pro or anti gun debate…. I am simply bringing some statistics into the equation to make my argument…

The fact remains, that for the past 5 years in a row, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported that the top 10 deaths in America remain relatively unchanged in their order:

  1. Heart Disease with 647,457 deaths (2017)
  2. Cancer 599,108 deaths (2017)
  3. Unintentional Deaths 169,936 deaths (2017)
  4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 169,201 deaths (2017)
  5. Stroke 146,383 deaths (2017)
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease 121,404 deaths (2017)
  7. Diabetes 83,564 deaths (2017)
  8. Influenza & Pneumonia 55,672 deaths (2017)
  9. Kidney Disease 50,633 deaths (2017)
  10. Suicide 47,173 deaths (2017)

These numbers are astonishing! The even more alarming fact is 5 of the 10 mentioned above are mostly influenced by our diets!

I am astonished to learn that as Americans, as smart as we are, we still haven’t awoken to the real problems… The answer is right in front of us! Yet, every day  I see more and more TV commercials, hear radio ads, or other advertisements promising some magic pill that will fix all of our problems!

With all of the amazing fundraising efforts, and awesome organizations out there that help research on these disease topics how can we still be clueless?

The answer is not in a pill. It is not in a medical procedure… (Yes, there is a time and a place for both…)

So then, what is the answer?

I am 100% convinced that the problem with the world today is how we feed ourselves. With all the advancements in technology, we are “Now people”. You can’t drive anywhere and not see some sort of fast food drive thru window ready to serve you… And it’s so simple, just pull up, order what you want, turn the corner and your food is there. The only decision you had to made was whether you wanted a large fry, or a medium fry with that for $1 more!

The real reason why we are Fat, and disease ridden is because we are over fed and under nourished… Everything now a days is coated in sugars, fried and salty (the 3 ingredients our brain loves and always wants MORE!)….

Take this for example, I was watching the recent MLB Home Run Derby the other day, when every single commercial was about some magic new pill that could cure XX, but would cause a plethora of other side effects that sounded worse than the actual problem itself! Or, some sort of fast food joint… I am going to specifically reference the new KFC Cheetos Chicken Finger Sandwich in this example…

To me, this looks like the grossest concoction out there… and I know that this sandwich will provide absolutely no nutritional value for my body… It is loaded in fat, and heavy in carbs… but then I know, there is a large group of people out there who wont even think twice… or, think this is a better alternative to a burger because it’s “Chicken”… Let’s look at the nutritional value:

This sandwich boasts 33G of fat in the sandwich! Just for a reference, this is over 1/2 of my daily fat allowance!!! The carbohydrates source is 42g and all dense carbs, meaning it will process in your blood stream quickly, turn to sugar (thus boosting blood sugar levels) and then will be used quickly in the body for energy and the rest will be stored as fat…. But of course, we will need to wash it down with a cold beverage right?

We wont even go with the 32oz, we will go with the “medium” 20oz sized fountain beverage… This drink alone will cost you over 77g of carbs, all of which come from the sugar alone! In perspective, the sugar content in this drink is 17g over my entire day’s allotted amount!

And this is just one example… I can go on and on through my list of pet peeves on how we eat that is the real reason to the global epidemic.

So then, why are we sick?

I can keep going on and on with daily examples here, but this blog post would be 500+ pages… But I will leave you with this… More drugs, more hospitals and more research is not the answer… The answer is simple: Stop eating junk food, and nourish your body with healthy options: Veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds and real meat! These foods help promote the needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our bodies need!