Ep. 035: Why Do We Fail & Learning To Fail


Ep. 035: Why Do We Fail & Learning To Fail

Why do we fail?… and more importantly, Why we must learn to fail early, fail often and fail forward.

Failure has a negative connotation to it. We are all fearful of failure, but in reality there is nothing to be feared!

Failure is a learning tool. We fail because this is how we learn. Think of a basketball player. If Michael Jordan has stopped playing basketball because he failed to make a shot, he would never have won 6 World Championships.

Failure is just a test of life, use these opportunities for growth and practice. Fail early. Fail often. Fail forward.



Unfortunately, at the end of recording this Podcast episode, we had a computer crash and the episode was deleted and not able to be recovered. Because we all felt this episode was important to release, we were able to grab the audio file from the video file and use that for this episode. We apologize for this, as the audio is not our best work!