Happy Friday!

I hope your day is going well. At least the sun is out and shining! Anyways, the reason for this email is to provide you with an update to WODIFY.

A few months ago, we introduced the concept of potentially switching to a system called “Wodify” which would replace our current Mindbody and SugarWOD software making it just 1 phone app for everything. The concept sounded fun and could’ve been a neat solution… But, after rigorous testing with our Coaching staff, as well as going through a testing period with some Ambassador Members, we determined that the switch will no longer be taking place.

The maine concern was offering a lesser client experience to our members… Even though we enjoyed the 1 app system for everything, there was a lot of bugs in the system and other features that were just not as intuitive as SugarWOD… With that said, SugarWOD IS one of the most intuitive Workout tracking apps out there!

With all this said, we will continue as is with the current apps we use, and we will continue to keep an open mind at improving our systems!

Now, go enjoy the day, and we will see you at the gym soon!