Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Peterman

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Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Peterman

On this week’s episode, Coach Corian and Coach Dave sit down with Dr. Peterman to discuss Adrenal Fatigue and the effects of stress on the body. It is a very common issue that is often misdiagnosed and it can show up in smaller doses before it hits big!

In today’s world, everything is viewed as a “fire” and it is our job to put out these fires as quickly as possible. As you can imagine this puts a lot of stress on our bodies; physically and mentally. All of this stress has a very real, very negative effect on our bodies.

Eventually, we get to the point where our bodies just can’t take it any more and it dumps cortisol – which effects everything!! And we mean everything – sleep, weight gain, inflammation, libido, and so on.

So what can you do to combat this?

  • Replace the GOOD
  • Remove the BAD
  • Restore

You cannot begin by removing the BAD things. Your body is already stressed. Start by doing more GOOD, then take additional steps from there.

If you want to know more about Restorative Healing and how it can help you restore your body, contact us to book a session with Dr. Peterman.