Are All Carbohydrates Bad?


Are All Carbohydrates Bad?

This past week, we asked the question to our online Health & Wellness Facebook Group, “When you hear carbs, what comes to mind?”

Here’s some of the answers that we received:

The responses to the question were pretty much what we expected… Carbs have been a hot topic for many diets and dieters alike! Most people who want to lose weight, will swear off carbs because we’ve been made to believe that “Carbs are bad”

What we didn’t see on this list were two very important food categories:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables

If we were to tell you that fruits and vegetables are also carbs, would you believe us? This is why NOT ALL CARBS are bad! In fact, you need carbs. Carbs are our fuel source for energy and help the brain function… this is why people who are on very low carb diets complain of “foggy brain”.

We do agree, the processed carbs; breads, pastas, sugar laden foods, ice cream, cakes and other sweet treats are loaded with high amounts of sugars which pushes the carbohydrates levels super high. These are the carbs we need to limit, or avoid…. However, eating these categories will be ok in moderation and on special occasions.

The main point, is to understand that yes, we want to limit our “Bad carbs” and only eat them in moderation. The main reason being that the processed carbs have a higher sugar content, or break down very quickly in your digestive track and turns to sugar in your body quickly… The good carbs, vegetables and some fruits (most fruits are also high in sugar so you need to limit them as well) have a high fiber content – Fiber slows down your digestion so they don’t spike your blood sugar as quickly.

So, before you swear off ALL carbs, understand that fruits and vegetables are a carb… we want to limit the processed versions (anything made in a factory) and if it grows from the earth, then eat it! But just know, that all things should be enjoyed in moderation.