How We Determine When To Close


How We Determine When To Close

The winter weather appears to be here for good and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon!

With the snow and cold weather around and no signs of it letting up anytime soon, we wanted to share our cold weather and inclement weather procedures with you all so that you guys and gals can understand what factors we use when we determine we will close the gym(s).

When we make the determination to close, the main thing we factor is the following:

The decision to remain open would create a greater hardship or risk to the safety of Coaches or Clients.”


When it comes to the winter months, generally we are made aware of snow storms approaching and we have time to prepare. Our general rule of thumb that we follow, is we factor what the school systems are doing – If the Kenosha Unified School District or the Racine Unified School District close then we typically mirror their recommendations and will make appropriate adjustments and announcements.

The secondary factor we consider is how bad the storms are. We will be watching closely as the storms approach, and we made a rule of thumb that a determination must be made by 8pm the night prior, so that we can make ample notifications to clients and Coaches.

Notifications will show up on the Mindbody app and will show the class as “Cancelled” and if you logged into that class, you will get an email notifying you that the class was cancelled. We will then post in the Peak Performance Member Page the reasoning behind why we closed and when we anticipate re opening. Our admin team will also attempt to send out a text message.


We get it, you wake up and plan to be at the gym to workout… And we want to be there for you as well! sometimes, for whatever reason, there is an unforeseen circumstance that causes an emergency situation. Last year we dealt with frozen locks, which we have taken steps to rectify this year! But in the case of a Coach not being able to access the building, or other unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to: Broken water pipes, heaters not working, power outage etc… The Coach on duty must make the appropriate decision and ask the question: “Does opening or remaining open cause a greater hardship or risk of injury to clients?”

For whatever reason, if an emergency situation arises that was unforeseen ahead of time, and the Coach cannot open as normal, we have adopted the following procedure:

The Coach must cancel the class(es) in Mindbody immediately to notify clients logged in that the class was cancelled. Then, he/she must make a post in the facebook group explaining the reasoning why the gym was closed. That coach will also attempt to notify the ambassador group in our private Slack group so the ambassadors can help disseminate information to members as well. Our Admin team will put out a text message as soon as possible with further information.

We will then make a post and a text message when we anticipate that we will re open.

We get it, anytime we close it is inconvenient and we hate to do it! It is not an easy decision by any means, but our main concern is your safety and the safety of our Coaches. So, when we make an announcement the night before, please understand we are trying to look out for your well being!

And, when it’s unforeseen, and something like a door lock gets frozen, or a pipe bursts, or heaters don’t work, we preemptively apologize because we know how much your morning workouts mean to you all!

If any of you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to come see one of the owners, or simply send me an email at: [email protected]