Intro to Anchored, our WHY – AHPCF001


Intro to Anchored, our WHY – AHPCF001

Anchored at Peak Performance Fitness Facility is back! AHPCF debuted back in December of 2016 with the goal of interviewing different members to see what was producing results for them. After a few months, the team got too busy and unfortunately Anchored fell by the wayside.

We are excited to announce that Anchored at Peak Performance Fitness Facility is back in a brand new fashion – podcast style! In Episode one, Jason, Dave and Corian re-introduce the show and explain what motivated them to bring it back.

The intention of the show will now be focused on improving our member’s health and wellness OUTSIDE of the gym. Our typical members spend 1-2 hours at the gym in a given day, which makes up about 4-8% of your day. That leaves A WHOLE LOT of day to mess up the hard work you’re putting in when you’re actually at the gym.

The intention of AHPCF will now be to give our members helpful tips, tools, strategies, knowledge and discussion to help improve their health and wellness outside of the gym. The three primary segments we’ll focus on are mindset, nutrition and recovery as these are the three things that will push the needle the most in your journey.

With that, we couldn’t be more excited to see where this adventure takes us!  Thanks for listening guys and gals!!