May 2018 Member Of The Month: Jeana Monroe


May 2018 Member Of The Month: Jeana Monroe

We remember when Jeana first started coming to HPCF. She was like most: nervous about the unknown, slightly unsure, very timid…but she slowly got out of her comfort zone and started to embrace all the challenges!

After a few months, Jeana really embraced her new fitness lifestyle. We could tell she was enjoying it, and we saw a rejuvenated and more vibrant version of herself! Not to mention the physical transformations she’s had over the past year!

Jeana is one of the newer members to the HPCF Ambassador crew, and she has really embraced this position. Coaches have taken notice to the fact that she will come in to do her own daily WOD in the morning, and return to the gym in the afternoon just to cheer on, or help a newer person to the gym through their WOD.

For all of these qualities, the Coaching staff at HPCF wanted to recognize Jeana as our Member of the Month for the month of May.

Now, here’s a little more information on Jeana you may not have known:

NAME: Jeana Sunshine Monroe


Age: 39


Hometown: Racine Wisconsin


Occupation: N/A


Favorite WOD/Metcon: Kelly


Favorite Lift: Squat


Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza seems to be my go-to cheat meal.


Athletic Background: Cheerleading & Track


Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym: Tae Kwon Do, reading, writing, playing with computer stuff ( like websites, code, social media, analytics) & of course hanging with my littles.


How long have you been CrossFitting?: It’s been about a year I believe!


How long have you be a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member? 1 year


How did you find CrossFit? Through a Facebook advertisement… pretty sure it was the summer or spring challenge


Have you tried other CrossFit boxes? If so, what sets HPCF apart from the others?: No


How has CrossFit changed your Life?  Oh wow… well… CrossFit has helped me in so many ways. To sum it up, it has made me a stronger, brighter more confident person. It made me believe in myself again.


What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal? My biggest achievement has to be redefining my mindset. With that said if we are talking about a physical achievement…

When I started CrossFit I weighed in close to 200lbs and was out of shape. I couldn’t do a pushup much less run a couple of blocks without feeling fully winded. I remember I would walk all the time. Now I can do that stuff and more!

My next biggest goal….

Definitely my gymnastics skills: kipping pull-ups, kipping TTB, handstand walks and muscle ups. I would love to tackle these and see where I end up in The Open next year.

What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility? My favorite thing about HPCF is the feeling of family that comes with the community. It’s really something special to me.

Have any advice for new members? For sure!

Don’t listen to the part of you that doubts yourself, that part of you is scared and will gladly keep you in a place of comfort.

Eat more natural foods, commit to a workout schedule and try not to veer too far from either. & remember, you’re not competing against anyone but yourself!