May 2019 Committed Club


May 2019 Committed Club

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This Month’s Raffle Winners

Congratulations to….


Racine – BEN WITMER!

This month’s Prize Include: tasty treats from UR, Ascent Protein, Greater Than among other awesome prizes! 

Congratulations to the hard working 250 other members who are ON TRACK for 2019! Seriously, though it starts with the 1 day at a time. These are the names of those who made the club for May 2019!


Allyson Barnes

Dez Farchione

Julie Halberstadt

Cory Koeller

Danielle Krogh

Sherry Wirth

Ray Cervantes

John Londre

Jodie Musselman

Michael Preston

Stacy Romanovic

Ursula Swift

Kristine Schmaling

Lauren Valkenburgh

Amy Rendon

Dave Yandel

Andy Ciskowski

Rebecca Covelli

Rebecca Kishline

Katie Patterson

Tara Bernal

Rachael Nitz


Holly Berry

Kassandra Cruz

Lynn Paulke

Diane Sanicola

Corian Yandel

Jermie Benzow

Robert Berry

Rachel Witmer

Ben Witmer

Anthony Wurster

Clay Larson

Stephanie Bilharz

Eleo Paz

Tracy Finch

Maggie Picazo