OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 6 “Crossfit Taboos”


OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 6 “Crossfit Taboos”

This week we wanted to address some crossfit taboos.

We all know that there is a lot of unknowns in crossfit. Or maybe some things you might be experiencing and thinking your the only one! Well thats not true.

In todays episode we chat about chaffing, shaving our hands, working our on your period or maybe you pee during double unders. Its all normal, we all do it and more people need to chat about it. This way we might stop feeling so insecure and actually focus on getting healthier vs being embarrassed.

Rachel and I also wanted to chat about some things that people who dont crossfit might have some misconceptions about. Yes we do strict pull ups, not all of us are under 10% body fat, nor will crossfit automatically make you bulky.

Watch the episode to get real with us.

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