Positive Mindset


Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset – Jason Yule

 Why am I looked at like I’m crazy when I say I’m doing amazing? Its like I’m an overly optimistic freakshow. It seems as if I’m expected to give the standard “ugh I’m sooo busy” or “so tired” or “can’t wait for the weekend.” Does anyone else feel this way? Man, it makes me so sad when people give me these generic negative responses. Let’s talk about I always make sure to be positive and why we need to end it with the negative responses.

First off, and most importantly, what you say is what your mind believes. So if someone asks how you’re doing and you respond with “I’m tired” or “so busy,” then that is what your mind is going to make happen! Conversely, if you respond with, “I’m amazing” or “I’m doing great,” then that is what your mind is going to hear and it is going to resonate in your subconscious. You’ll naturally be happier and more upbeat. Don’t believe me? Just google the power of self-talk and you can read article upon article explaining how powerful this can be.

Secondly, don’t bother people with your issues. Yes I may be an overly optimistic person, so even more the reason not to share your negative thoughts with me. I want to hear about how you’re crushing work or crushing it at the gym or how you got your nutrition dialed in. I want to hear about the new and exciting stuff you have going on in your life, not about your longing for the weekend. So stop sharing your problems and start sharing the exciting stuff!

If you are naturally a negative person, and being positive is foreign to you, here’s a challenge. Every morning (or every night before you go to bed), write down one thing positive from the day before. It can be anything – the sun was shining, there was no traffic, I crushed my workout – what ever is positive and holds meaning to you. The only thing is you can’t use the same thing multiple times in a week. Each thing needs to be new. Once you start training yourself to see the positives in the world, you’ll start to become a positive person.