Product Spotlight – PurePharma M3


Product Spotlight – PurePharma M3

By Dave Yandel – Coach | Co Owner

At Peak Performance Fitness Facility, we carry a lot of products. Some of these products you may know already, some you may not…. And some, you may find downright daunting or even a little confusing!

We all know – or at least we have some small understanding – of the importance of Protein and the role it plays for our recovery. However, one of the most widely misunderstood supplements is Magnesium.

Magnesium is important to athletes because it regulates heart rhythm, allows muscles to contract and relax properly, reduces blood pressure, and is necessary to produce ATP (the main source of energy in our cells) which must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active.

So then, what is Magnesium exactly? Magnesium is found naturally in nuts, seeds, grains and leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, soil erosion over the past 50 years has affected the mineral content of the soil, which substantially lowers the amount of magnesium found in foods normally rich in minerals…. This is where supplements come in!

But why did we choose Pure-Pharma you ask? Well it comes down to standards as well as a product we trust and use ourselves. We as owners will never push or even carry a product at our box if we haven’t used it ourselves. Secondly, PurePharma has been in the CrossFit world for a little while now and some bigger named athletes use and endorse their products as well. Can you find another product cheaper? Yes, I am sure you can, but again we haven’t tested them. We chose a product that we use, trust and believe in, and in turn, offer them to you!