The Anchored Podcast Ep. 062: The HPCF Experience


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 062: The HPCF Experience

Since 2015, we refined and defined what we believe to be a gold standard in the client experience. Everything has been carefully planned out from the moment we receive an email, phone call or walk in inquiry, to every single day you step through the doors.

But that doesn’t mean we are satisfied. We are always changing, always growing, and always trying to be better than yesterday.

The end result, is the “HPCF Experience”. Our goal is to wow our prospective clients and  current clients on a daily basis. We are never satisfied with “Good enough” because it is our mission to be ranked among the best gyms that everyone models their program after.

Coach Jason, Corian and Dave share everything from the first time a client enters the gym and the consult process; why we do them, to the daily programming; how everything is planned out down to how to set up the equipment, to facilities; ensuring we give everything we can to our clients.

Come see why we are different! Want to inquire about more info….? Click here! 


00:00 – 04:15 Intro and ice breakers

04:15 – 11:16 Why our program works as a whole – the client experience: setting expectations

11:16 – 17:47 facilities

17:47 – 25:10 Programming

25:10 – 33:00 Injuries

33:00 – 37:47 extra amenities for clients

37:47 – 42:05 Goals sessions

42:05 – ending; how to get a hold of us