The Anchored Podcast Ep. 74: Volume vs. Intensity


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 74: Volume vs. Intensity

On this episode, Coach Jason and Coach Dave tackle the question what is volume and what is intensity; and when do we increase one or the other?

The question can be confusing, especially when we first start out doing a CrossFit program. We think, 3..2..1…go! “I need to beat the clock” but this can cause us to have massive faults in our form as it quickly deteriorates. Or, we go too heavy too soon and we end up hurting our back, or shoulder or we can’t even move the next day.

So, what is too fast and when can we increase speed? Well, this answer is subjective to everyone. Some people can move faster than others, but some have athletic backgrounds from which they can pull their experiences from!

Think of it this way, if you had never been a ballroom dancer, to practice the waltz, you’d have to practice with your partner. At first, you’ll probably fall, or stumble and step on each others toes… but over time and after practicing the steps, you become more fluent. It becomes easier and now after countless hours of practice you can do the entire dance without really much though at all…. This is what we are shooting for in CrossFit. Practice every single day. Slowly get more confident and comfortable with the moves, then we can begin to add some weights and intensity slowly, a little bit every day.


00:00 – 02:41  – Ice breakers & intros 

02:41 – 04:59 what is volume & intesnity

04:59 – 08:35 beginner’s journey higher volume but lower intensity

08:35 – 10:36 Intermediate athlete; less volume and more intensity

10:36 – 12:22 Competitive athlete: increase volume & intensity

12:22 – 17:28 How to incorporate this into your training: fitness, wellness and performance tracks in our programming

17:28 – 22:02 How to choose the track thats best for you

22:02 – 23:19 the mindset; “I have to RX” – is this setting yourself up for failure?

23:19 – 26:00 Outro