The Anchored Podcast Ep. 80: Sports Performance Vs Wellness Training


The Anchored Podcast Ep. 80: Sports Performance Vs Wellness Training

If you know anything about CrossFit, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the “CrossFit Games.”

Something you may not have known, is that before the CrossFit Games came around, CrossFit was actually a health & wellness program and fitness methodology geared at helping others in their fitness routine. It was a new way of programming and a new style that introduced this method with small groups taught by a Coach who lead them through the workout.

The fitness phenomenon caught on quickly, and as more and more people started to catch on, so did the competitive spirit of “Beating the clock” and “Leader boards”.

Then, in 2010, after 9 years of the fitness program and method, CrossFit started entering the CrossFit competition floor space. The first CrossFit Games took place at a farm ranch. From there, the concept of competing started to take center stage and the shift of CrossFit as a methodology geared at helping others started to get over shadowed as a competitive and “Crazy” program which made people feel intimidated to start.

This shift actually pulled the main focus and vision of what founder Greg Glassman envisioned many years ago. Recently, CrossFit has decided to make a shift back to focusing on the main reason CrossFit was founded; to help people and eradicate chronic diseases.

Just because there is a shift in the focus of CrossFit Headquarters doesn’t mean both methods can’t co-exist. Coach Jason, Coach Dave and Coach Corian discuss the main differences of CrossFit as a competitive athlete and CrossFit for health and wellness.


Title: Sports Performance Vs Wellness Training

00:00 – 03:45: – Ice Breakers and Intros

03:45 – 08:45: 2 different training mindsets; sports performace vs wellness training

08:45 – finish: Shift in crossfit’s focus towards health and wellness and getting away from the competitive field.


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