Why Eating Healthy Is Not Too Difficult.


Why Eating Healthy Is Not Too Difficult.

When asked why people don’t eat or cook at home, the common answer is more often than not, “I just don’t have time….”

It’s true, we work long hours. We like to hang with friends & family with free time. We need to walk the dogs, play with the kids, oh and hit the gym!

The result means very little time to spend shopping at the grocery store to pick out all the healthy foods. Not to mention once you get home after shopping for 1 or more hours, now you need to cook it… or worse yet, find a recipe you want to eat…. then cook it!

There’s just no time in the day, so there’s no wonder why every other day we see a new fast food joint popping up on the next street corner and why every shopping center has about 15 different fast food options.

Does it have to be this way? Does eating healthy have to be so difficult and time consuming? No… Not if you know how to take advantage of the system! Here’s a few simple tips & tricks you can use to maximize your time & ensure you’re not eating all the fast foods.

Tip 1:

Take advantage of the food delivery & pickup options

Now-a-days every grocery store has curb to pick up options. You can now log in to the store using a mobile app, select the items you need to purchase and then select a time that is most convenient for you to pick it up! Yes, you’ll need to spend some time on your phone or computer picking the items, but most of the apps save your “Favorite foods” or recent foods so all you need to do is select “Order again” for a faster shopping experience. This option is great for those who want to pick up the groceries on their way home from work or the gym and you did all the shopping from the convenience of your home or desk. Also, some grocery stores utilize 3rd party services that will shop for the groceries AND then deliver these items to your work or home! Yes, this service can be slightly more expensive per item… but when you factor in the lack of impulse buys, you actually only pay for what you meant to shop for so you take out all the impulse buys (which saves you money in the long run)… Also, what is your time worth?

Tip 2:

Cooking and finding recipes… There’s an APP for that!

More technology advice! There are so many ways to get a healthy recipe idea. Your first option is to search Pintrest or google… Another option is to get a mobile app like Fitmen Cook, or eMeals. These apps will give you recipe ideas delivered right to your phone. They even give you the steps to cook them. The best part… These recipes are super simple and most take less than 30:00!

Tip 3:

Order pre-cooked meals or meals in a box services .

Our 3rd and final tip is to take advantage of the new food delivery boxes that come to your home and give you all the ingredients you need to make the meals. Another option is to utilize a service such as Origin Meals which is associated with our gym. Origin meals allows you to pick out your meals and they will cook them and deliver to the gym 2x/week. All you need to do is tell them what meal options you want, they do all the cooking and delivery. You just need to pick them up on your way out of the gym!

So, do you still think you don’t have enough time to eat healthy? We just gave you 3 simple tips that you can implement today to help you make better decisions and choices… If after reading this you still say, “I don’t have time.” then my friend, now it’s just an excuse…