Wodify is coming!


Wodify is coming!

Wodify is coming!

In the next few weeks, you’ll see some significant changes taking place. We’re installing the Wodify Core Kiosk – a large monitor and a keyboard – on the wall of the gym. It’s a big investment that’s going to make your fitness experience that much better.

Wodify was designed to help you:

 Log into classes and your billing profile;

 See the workout for the day;

 Check your performance history;

 Enter your scores;

 View the Leaderboard;

 Visualize your progress over time;

 Hit more PRs.

It’s an All-in-one app for everything and will be replacing SugarWOD and Mindbody…

We’re really excited about Wodify and hope that once it goes live, you’ll enjoy the features inside the gym and on the mobile app.

Keep an eye out for more emails about the benefits of Wodify delivered to your inbox or here on the blog!

P.s. Don’t worry, when it comes time to switch, we will let you all know so you can transfer all your SugarWOD PR’s into Wodify! 🙂